Heartfelt Event Planning is a Seattle based company that specializes in planning and coordinating various events. Our Team has more than 10 years of experience in event planning, restaurant management and event sound management. Each team member brings unique experience in various areas of event management. 

Our Team

Hello, my name is Rima. Being an event planner has been my childhood dream. In the pursuit of my passion, I involved myself any chance I had to plan, coordinate and execute as many events as I could. I also have a Business Management degree with an emphasis on Project Management. I have been passionate about event planning because I have always wanted to help make people’s dreams come true. Planning a wedding, anniversary or baby shower can be stressful. My goal is to take the stress away so my clients can enjoy their events. I have over 10 years of event planning experience. 

Hello, my name is Silviya. From a young age, I have been passionate about math and business. I had the amazing opportunity to graduate with a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship. I have always been eager to learn which influenced me to choose that major. I wanted to know every aspect of business. From all of the fields I studied, finance is what interested me the most. Continuing my education even further was a no-brainer. I have a Master Degree in Finance and Financial Accounting. At Heartfelt Event Planning, I use my skills and knowledge to establish and grow the business.   

Hello, my name is Bryson. I have more than 10 years of experience in Logistics and Lean Manufacturing. My experience gives me a unique perspective of logistics for events from start to finish. However, my passion is for music. I have been a drummer in bands for more than 12 years, performing all over the Pacific Northwest. Throughout my years of drumming, I have been exposed to many venues of historic significance, had the wonderful opportunity to meet amazing musicians, and created connections for life in the music and film industry. I got involved in the wedding and event field through music. I have performed and been the DJ at dozens of weddings in the last 8 years. At Heartfelt Event Planning, I use my unique skills in event logistics, vendor relations and sound.

Hello, my name is Bonnie. I received my bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Rima and I have known each other since we were kids. I have worked with her for the last 10 years. I am the shy one on the team. I love being back stage. I enjoy working on the backbone of the company. My role is to provide the team with all of the tools they need to succeed at every event we plan. The reason why Rima and I have worked so well is because we balance each other out.