How to choose a “when” to get married

This topic is also along the same lines as my previous blog. These are questions that are very popular and couples need some specific guidelines to make their decisions wisely.

Meaningful dates

First instinct for couples is to choose a date that has some specific meaning to them. This in a way, makes the experience even more meaningful to them. The meaning behind the date might be “We love Christmas, so we wanted to get married the week before” or it could be an engagement or dating or even parents’ anniversary. Whatever that special meaning is, this is the most popular factor of the decision-making process. 

External factors

This could be work related. Many couples might decide to get married after the busy season in their specific career, or after a big project at work is completed. Let’s face it, if you are an accountant you are not getting married the first week of April no matter how much you love spring. Or your decision could be based on the availability of close family members such as those that may be on an overseas assignment.


If you are on a tight budget, getting married in the off season can save you a ton of money. Usually the rates of venues and hotels can vary and other vendors might give you a discount. If you are not set on having a beach wedding in the middle of July, you might be able to make your budget go a very long way in the off season.


This is a factor that I think a lot of people miss. Booking your honeymoon during the off season could cost you half of what it would during the busy season. Also, keep in mind that making your honeymoon correlate with a holiday can also increase your expenses.

In some cases, couples use all four factors to plan their wedding, and other couples may only consider one or two of them. Whichever kind of planner you are, you should follow your heart in making that decision. Don’t rush it, there is time. Be sure to enjoy the excitement of your new engagement!