Why hire a wedding planner?

Why hire a wedding planner?


Wedding planning is a service just like any other service. However, it could be a costly one and people might not see the value of it in the beginning. Here are some factors you need to consider before making a final decision on whether to hire a wedding planner or not.


Marriage is about love and support

Marriage is about love and support


A wedding planner’s number one job is to support the couple. Even though weddings are a celebration of love, they can be very stressful. Wedding cost a lot of money and that puts a lot of stress on the couple and their family. Also weddings are events that people have dreamed of for my years. Many parents dream of the day that their child will get married. The cost, emotions and the pursuit of perfection sometimes can push couple and their families over the edge. Wedding planners use their skills to minimize stress and help couples deal with challenging situations. Wedding planners provide the support couples need throughout the planning process and on their wedding day.

Professional experience

Every wedding has its challenges and if the person planning it does not have the proper experience things can go sideways fast. The couples who chose not to hire a wedding planner usually ask a family member or friend for help. And even though there is plenty of wedding planning information on the Internet that does not qualify people to be wedding planners. The issue with lack of experience is details. There is a reason why people say “The devil is in the details.” Details are crucial to a wedding. Details could be the difference between a successful wedding and a disastrous wedding.   

Discounted services

Most wedding planner have a list of vendors that they work with. The idea is that the vendors provide a discount on their service because the wedding planner has referred them. Most times the discounts cover the wedding planning charge.




Wedding planners will provide you with insights but also will help with the organization of the wedding process. It’s the job of the wedding planner to worry about due dates and to keep the couple on track with everything. It’s challenging for people that are not wedding planners to keep track of every little detail. And in this time of stress the last thing you will want is to lose your venue 3 months before the wedding because you forgot to make the second payment. This could result in loss of the deposit and first payment which usually would be around 40% of the total cost of the venue, but also losing the venue itself. Being without a venue this close to the wedding date and losing almost 50% of your financial resources could be devastating. In this case you might have to change your wedding date because of the venue or search for a new venue, the catering company might not have the new date available, the rental company might not be able to accommodate the changes, your dream band/DJ were already booked and your photographer is doing an out of town wedding that day. In which case you could lose all of the deposits and be left with half of the budget that you initially started with. 

Wedding day

No matter how clear you think you might have communicated with the vendor there would be a thousand questions that will arise on the wedding day. There could be small details that were not discussed or major logistical issues that need solving. The job of the wedding planner is to make sure all of the questions were answered and all of the problem are solved so you can enjoy your wedding day. Weddings are a mix of a lot of emotions, people, moving pieces and vendors. The wedding planner is the person who juggles these all at the same time. The wedding planner makes sure that you are enjoying yourself and having fun so they take away the stress and panic. The wedding planner makes sure that people know what to do and where to go for a smooth wedding day that is full of happiness and love instead of chaos. The wedding planner makes sure that all of the moving pieces are going into the right direction for flawless execution. The wedding planner makes sure that all vendor are aware where they need to be and when they need to get there so you and your guests are served and happy all of the time.   



Sometimes that hardest part of hiring a wedding planner is the loss of control. Many brides want to feel included or in control with all of the aspects of the wedding planning. Also there are brides that just like to do it themselves. And there is nothing wrong with that. There are ways a wedding planner can help.


Even though many wedding planners can help find vendors that will offer discounts, that doesn’t mean that every vendor will offer discounts. There are some vendors that will not budge on their prices. 

Weddings can be complicated and stressful. My job as a wedding planner is to make sure that the couples are as relaxed as possible and able to enjoy their wedding day. One of my main objectives is to make sure the bride’s and groom’s voice is heard. Because weddings are so important and usually there are many family members and friends involved many times in my experience the couple’s voice, opinions and desires are washed off. Another goal of mine is to help couples navigate through the stressful situations, complicated family matters and the overwhelming sea of ideas. There are couple who have great support system such as family and friends. However, the family or friends might not have the professional experience. Wedding planning is a service like any other. You probably will not let your friend pull your tooth if it hurt. Then why would you let me plan one of the most important days of your life or be in charge of thousands of dollars of your savings to make your dreams come true.